Tuesday, July 16, 2002

In an interview with National Review, Robert P. George discusses the four-year ban on cloning, and says, "If Congress enacts the proposed four-year moratorium, we will during that time have a national debate about the moral status of human beings in the embryonic stage of development. That is a debate I welcome." I too would welcome this debate. As a Catholic lawyer, (hopefully) trained in Catholic philosophy, I believe I could add to this debate. I hope that I have the opportunity to contribute during my law school years, through written and vocal actions.
Good morning! I have been pondering at various times during the year as to support for Isreal vs. support for Palestine. I don't think the two are incompatible. I support the creation of a Palestinian state. But I must wonder if the Palestinians support the creation of a Palestinian state. I have read about settlement after settlement whereby Isreal agreed to cede land to the Palestinians in return for cessation of terrorism, only to have violence continue. President Bush's recent calls for new Palestinian leadership have resonated in the society; I hope the fervor continues, and that the Palestinian people find a way out from under the gangster yoke.